24th Jul 2014



How many daleks does it take to change a lightbulb?



why am I laughing? daleks doctor who jokes
21st Jul 2014

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Moya I love her so pretty and fantastic farscape
21st Jul 2014

Doctor Who - Doomsday







ok so I was messing with Doomsday and I sped it up 200%

and it turned into a happy folksong????

i don’t


it’s so catchy

oh my god


this is the craziest thing ever lol

if this song doesnt win a reblog on its own, how perfect that gif is should win it for you.. oh my gosh

THAT GIF…. I am scared at how perfect it is.

it's back my favorite post doctor who doomsday music
20th Jul 2014

I want Frazer Hines in the New Who series.






Seriously, I want Jamie McCrimmon somehow back. Or Frazer playing the voice of Second Doctor. Or in another role. I want him back!

drjamesmccrimmon jamies-stupidface rose-of-pollux what do you think?

Guest starring Frazer Hines as Frazer Hines

Guest starring? I want him back at leat as a recurring cast.

Ok how about Frazer Hnes returns as the Master, the Doctor, and Jamie


DOO WEE AYE doctor who frazer hines
20th Jul 2014

New To Who story

My parents and my brothers were the Whovians in the family and when I was young I was introduced to the world of Doctor Who through him.

UNFORTUNATELY, it was the movie version of Doctor Who. The 7th Doctor’s death scene and when the 8th Doctor pulls the needle out of his chest really freaked me out and I think I hid my face for the rest of the movie. Then we watched an episode that involved giant maggots or something and I think I screamed and ran from the room. It was not a great first impression.

Fast forward to 2005 when I heard the show was coming back. I was interested/skeptical, but I didn’t have cable so I wasn’t able to watch the show. It took a few years, but I was thrust back into the world of Doctor Who with the 9th Doctor and I was hooked. The fears of my younger self went away and I wanted to watch ALL the Who.

My sister, mother and I have caught up with New Who just before the 50th special and now we have gone back to watch all the episodes, including Recons, of Classic Who. I’m currently on Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. I LOVE it so far. My favorite Doctor is the 2nd, with 9 following in a close second.

Oh and I have since rewatched the movie and it’s not as scary as I remember. If I get to the maggot episode, I’ll have to see what happens. ;)

My advice to any people looking to get into Doctor Who is to start with the 9th Doctor. They do a good job of explaining what’s going on and introduce the main monsters nicely. Then, try out some Classic Who. Sure, it’s paced differently and the SFX may not be as good, but there are so many good stories and people to watch and meet. Who knows, you may find an old favorite. :D

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20th Jul 2014

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20th Jul 2014

Cats come in both liquid and solid form.


Cats come in both liquid and solid form.

I think I found my new favorite picture cats cat kitty kitties
19th Jul 2014


There are sometimes when I really want to put something meaningful on here…but than I see something like this: image

And all the good intentions fly out of the window, leaving randomness in it’s place…

ahahaha dem eyebrows second doctor two doctor who
19th Jul 2014


Fun fact: Jamie McCrimmon is in more televised episodes than seven different Doctors

I love this Jamie needs to be in the TARDIS forever Jamie McCrimmon doctor who
19th Jul 2014
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